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manifesto innciso

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In September 2022 innciso was yet an aspirational idea, but with a very clear vision:

At innciso we believe that a better future is possible: a future in which companies, public entities and individuals work together towards an economic growth based on circular solutions for a more sustainable society.


​The vision of innciso is to create a platform in which companies, citizens and public entities come together, share information, resources and tools and work co-creating solutions that minimize environmental impact and maximize sustainable growth.

We use innovation methodologies and tools at the beginning of the life cycle, at the fuzzy front-end, addressing the early stages of the value chain. We aim at finding solutions at the start of product and service development, maximizing opportunities and minimizing implementation costs.

By generating solutions that minimize the use of natural resources and reduce the environmental impact, companies not only contribute to create a more sustainable society, but also to maximize the new business opportunities emerging from the circular economy.


INNCISO is a member of the GRI Community (Global Reporting Initiative) and we support GRI's mission of helping businesses and other organizations to take responsibility for their impacts and advancing the practice of sustainable reporting.

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