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at innciso  we believe that a
more sustainable and competitive future is possible through innovation

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about us

We offer solutions for

the Circular Economy and the Integral ESG Management.


 innciso works to provide companies the necessary skills and tools to

adopt more sustainable and circular practices in an efficient and effective way, increasing their competitiveness by leveraging Sustainable Innovation.


Information about the new CSRD directive, the ESRS standards and the interoperability with other international regulations.

how we work

At innciso we work in 3 fundamental areas to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy:


Content Platform (Spanish only)

Content Hub focused on the Spanish-speaking community. We provide access to global information on circular economy and sustainability related issues.


May language not be a barrier to sustainability!



Own training and through

certified partners.

Courses, workshops and certifications adapted to your necessities,  

for companies or anyone interested




Leveraging innovation methodologies and frameworks (foresight, lean, agile, design thinking), we work with companies to identify problems, create solutions and generate business opportunities derived from the circular economy.

tools, learning, services

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