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We Choose Earth, We Choose a Future

On June 22, I had the honor of attending the first We Choose Earth Tour world conference at the EDP Gran Vía theater in Madrid. In fact, EDP was responsible for organizing the global event that brought together global thinkers, professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and academics around a common goal: to inspire a fundamental and necessary change, provoke reflection, and call for collective action towards a better future for the planet and humanity.

Saying that the afternoon was inspiring would be an understatement. The speeches by relevant international figures in practically every single domain only demonstrate that this is a collective effort that affects us all, a common objective for all of us to work towards.

Amal Clooney (Clooney Foundation for Justice) spoke about Human Rights and the empowerment against injustices due to racial or religious reasons, particularly for women. Peter Frankopan's intervention was perhaps slightly alarmist, but necessary. He called for action by bringing data point after data point within an increasingly urgent context: the way in which we make decisions, however simple they may be (eating habits, use of single-use plastic, disposal of cigarette butts, etc.), poses a greater risk than any other threat to the planet and society.

"It's not enough to have a clear balance sheet, but also clear human rights" Amal Clooney

The first panel of experts debated the Energy Transition, from an urgency point of view, yes, but also looking into the future. Júlia Seixas (Universidad NOVA de Lisboa) talked about decarbonisation and insisted in the importance of teaching these subjects to everyone at Universities, regardless of the chosen studies. Enrique Dans (IE Business School) was very critical with energy companies and politicians and was definite when he assured that "It is already possible to have a world with 100% renewable energy". Lubomila Jordanova (Plan A and Greentech Alliance) highlighted the need to take action, not to wait passively, as well as Cecilia MoSze Tham (Futurity Systems) who invited us to think about possible futures such as the concept of "the city autonomous".

"It is now possible to have a world with 100% renewable energy" Enrique Dans

Inspiring presentation by Céline Cousteau, who not only made us participants of her trips to the Amazon or Antarctica, but who also invited us to return to Nature, and to take a step back to move forward, all this from a positive narrative. Cousteau also spoke about the Inner Development Goals, a series of transformative skills for sustainable development.

"Indigenous people are 5% of population and protect 80% of biodiversity" Céline Cousteau

Adam Grant on the other hand advocated for creativity, challenging the status-quo and taking risks to really make changes; inviting us to be tenacious, to insist, to repeat our ideas until others also see the value in them.

The second panel of experts discussed different topics around the much-needed Paradigm Shift derived from the challenge we have at hand. From the role of young people as agents of change claimed by Sophia Kianni (Climate Cardinals); to the importance of working in parallel on social and environmental initiatives as mentioned by Laura Ruiz de Galarreta (IKEA); the importance of Technology to accelerate the energy transition and to build a more inclusive and sustainable society as highlighted by Antonio Coimbra (Vodafone), or the exponential growth that these paradigm shifts entail, as Javier Verdura (Tesla) explained when he talked about the exponential adoption of electric cars over the last 4 years.

Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade (EDP) on his side closed the event insisting on not only the importance, but also the urgency of the issue at hand, which impacts all of us, and in which we all have to take action, and work for a more sustainable and fair planet.

A very special mention as well to the artists and musical participants: Macaco, Stay Homas & Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía.

If Stilwell suggested that one of the main goals with this #WeChooseEarthTour was to get attention and a call for action, we at innciso can say: Well, objective accomplished!



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